Leap Reader

Disclosure:  I received a LeapFrog LeapReader system for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.




For the LeapFrog LeapReader we did a party.  I had the kids get on the floor and then we read a story.  I showed them how you can read the story yourself, but placing the reader along the words.  But then as well you could have the reader read to you as well.  They loved that it offered both ways.  We read the Monsters University book and the words were on the bigger side for some of the kids so having the Reader read to them allowed them to just listen.


I used the Ready, Set, Read, and Write book to have the kids try and read the book.  They loved that when stuck on a word they could use the LeapReader to help them sound out the word.  They were building confidence in reading.  It was something you could see as well.  Some of them were able to go through the book without much issue and others had it.  But knowing they were able to sound it out without adult help really made them feel good about themselves.




The kids loved having some one on one time as well with the LeapReader.  I showed the cool papers that come with the writing.  You write on the paper and it shows up, but the LeapReader itself will not write on anything else.  So you are safe having a 3 or 4 year old practice their writing.  It won’t end up on your table or your walls.


The class I did the party in is a Mutli Age Program.  Their are 19 students in grade K-2.  It’s a great set up.  The kids are able to have learning based on where they are learning at their levels.  The program works the each child as an individual.  The LeapReader really worked well within that setting.  The books and apps are set up for different age levels, so in this setting you can have multiple books and apps right away.



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